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everydayhero: Innovative Crowdfundraising

everydayhero Pro: Driving Deeper Engagement

Your organization’s most passionate supporters are giving more than just money; they are donating their time, their voices, and their personal networks. This is what we call crowdfundraising, and it reflects the larger impact of peer-to-peer fundraising.

everydayhero Pro helps your nonprofit acknowledge the multifaceted relationship that your supporters have with your mission, allowing them to fundraise on your behalf through the activities most in line with their personal interests—from traditional walking, running, and cycling events to more individualized campaigns, like do-it-yourself fundraising or virtual events.

When properly engaged, these highly motivated supporters will leverage their personal relationships to develop an expansive network of giving for your organization.

How It Works

everydayhero Pro is a subscription-based, peer-to-peer fundraising tool. Nonprofits can set up custom, branded fundraising campaigns in a matter of minutes.

When supporters decide to join your campaign, they are prompted to create their own online fundraising pages and then driven to share their activities on social media. As an everydayhero Pro subscriber, every page created includes custom branding to fit your organization’s unique look and feel, so there is consistency and a deeper sense of connection to your cause throughout your campaign.

Data Integration Matters

everydayhero is integrated into the Blackbaud family of CRM solutions, which means your donor data will flow automatically from everydayhero into Raiser’s Edge or eTapestry. This will free up precious staff resources to focus on things that really matter—like accomplishing your mission.


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