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Accelerate your corporate volunteering program and inspire a new level of engagement with Blackbaud Employee Volunteering™.

More than eight million volunteer hours have been logged in Blackbaud Employee Volunteering.

Help your organization align profit and purpose by mobilizing the collective power of your employees to make a positive impact on your people, your company, and the world with Blackbaud Employee Volunteering.

Here are just a few organizations using Blackbaud for their corporate volunteering programs.
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Improve Corporate Volunteering Participation Rates

Make it easy for your employees to find and participate in volunteer activities.

  • Provide employees with mobile access to all their volunteering information with the VolunteerMe app apple-app-store-icon google-play-icon
  • Enable employees to sign up, search for events, log hours, and manage their volunteer experiences at their convenience

Enjoy a flexible, configurable platform.

You need a corporate volunteering program solution that is easy for employees to follow, and simple for you to adapt as you observe employees’ preferences.

  • Make the site an extension of your day-to-day business systems with an easy-to-configure interface that incorporates branding and messaging
  • Automated reports provide insight into which programs are resonating with your employees most, identifying areas of focus to further boost employee engagement
  • Tailor matching gift rates based on a spectrum of criteria to incentivize improved employee volunteer program participation rates

Align your employee volunteer program with business goals for a strong corporate social responsibility story.

Blackbaud Employee Volunteering integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud Employee Giving ™, so you can manage your giving and corporate volunteering programs in one place.

  • Enjoy a streamlined workflow and improved internal collaboration
  • Enable a holistic view into all CSR activities thanks to integration with Blackbaud Grantmaking software 360-degree reporting
  • Understand how all CSR activities combine to affect different areas of the business, and establish metrics that are in line with your business goals
  • Develop an impactful story that incorporates both societal and business accomplishments

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