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As you work to maximize your impact, you can’t afford to waste your time or resources on ineffective marketing strategies. To reach as many people as possible, increase response rates, and ultimately raise more fundraising dollars, you need ensure you get the right message in front of the right people, using the right channel.

Benefit from the world’s largest philanthropic giving database and proprietary data.

With Blackbaud’s direct marketing analytics services, you can:

  • Better understand and segment constituents and maximize the impact of your marketing communications – no matter what channel you’re using
  • Understand who to contact, how to contact, and what to ask
  • Capture untapped giving potential you may be leaving on the table
  • Reduce costs by eliminating wasteful outbound communication


Know who in your database you should engage.

Direct Marketing Analytics helps you understand who in your database is likely to be a good donor by leveraging Blackbaud's proprietary data to model and deliver:

  • Philanthropic Scores—likelihood to be philanthropic
  • Sustainer Scores—likelihood to participate in a sustained giving program

Channel Scores

Understand how to engage with your constituents.

Channel scores help you know which communication channel is most likely to garner a constituent response. Each constituent will receive a score for email, phone, and direct mail so that you can decide how to engage.

The Right Message

Be confident that what you say is the right message.

Getting the right message to the right constituent with the right ask is now easier than ever. We give you the tools you need to customize your message to each potential donor.

  • Donor Persona: Utilize cluster segmentation to get a better understanding of donor motivation
  • Gift Array: We deliver a gift array for each constituent that is most likely to yield a gift

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